On Saturdays, youth gather at the center for Cycle for Life. They have a Bible lesson, warm up, ride and learn tricks on bicycles, play chess, and laugh. The youth have been gathering for six months. Some kids from the next village have come to check out what they are doing and are interested in participating as well. The youth are talking about going there to teach them a few tricks on the bicycles.

Parents of the youth, who regularly attend Cycle for Life on Saturdays, came to a meeting held at the center this month. Our team talked about the purpose behind this gathering. They also had parents sign waivers. Some of the youth had fun showcased tricks they have been learning.

Parent gave feedback that they are happy their kids are attending because it gives them something to do which keeps them out of trouble. We are working to create a safe place and a platform were youth can come to share life and confide issue.

We envision this moving towards mentoring the youth in life skills and teaching vocational skills, such as bricklaying, that are useful for both a job and the home.