From time to time, we have special needs like those listed below. If you have something you think may be beneficial to send to the mission in Zimbabwe, please contact us by email and we will call you concerning the project.

Drip irrigation kits — a workshop will be held this fall. Drip irrigation will be one of the lessons. There is very little water evaporation with drip irrigation so it reduces the amount of water that must be carried for a garden. We want to provide each participant with a kit which contains all the materials necessary to irrigate a bed 39 inches wide and 50 feet long. A deep bed of this size could provide enough vegetables to feed a family of four throughout the year. We would like to provide kits to 50 participants.

Drip Irrigation Kit $ 15 each


Sewing kits — ladies of the village will be invited to learn the skill of hand sewing. They will be given materials to make simple sundresses for girls and simple shorts for boys. Each participant will receive a small tote bag with scissors, needles, thread, and pins, tape measure, a 2 miter length of cloth and written instructions. These kits will enable them to provide clothing for their children at a greatly reduced cost from buying readymade clothing. In addition, some of the women may be able to use this skill to produce items which they can sell for income.

Hand Sewing Kit $12 each


Goats — Goats can provide milk, meat and income. The goats provided by Pillar of Legacy allows village women to build their own small herds to supplement their family’s diet and income.

Goat $40- $50 each


Solar Panels — Even in Victoria Falls, where the missionaries live, electrical power is unreliable, often being out more than it is on. Solar panels would provide a backup for refrigeration, the water pump and lights. Bible studies have been held by candlelight many times. In the village a few panels could provide the power needed for using power tools in the carpentry business which would then increase productivity. We would like to install four panels in town and 4 panels in the village

Solar Panel $150 each