Our Mission Field

  • The people of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe live in villages just as they have for generations. They struggle against drought, food shortages, and a lack of economic opportunities. Spiritually, most of them see God as an uninvolved being and do not have a personal relationship with him. Some embrace a mix of Christianity and ancestral worship.


Sustainable Change

  •  Strengthening the ability of the people to meet their own needs is an important part of our mission.  Only change that is adopted by the people and adapted to meet their needs, using available resources, will continue beyond the life of this mission. Whether addressing physical or spiritual needs, our goal is to work alongside the people to develop ways they can provide for their families.


Supporting Pillar of Legacy

  • The investment of time, knowledge, and funds from people like you is vital to sustain the efforts to help the people in Chisuma Village. We appreciate the work and support given by so many. There are many ways you can help POL with the work God has assigned to us. Whether you donate to our operating budget, take on a special project, volunteer your time and energy, intern or bring a mission team, or become a part of our prayer team, you become an important partner in this effort.

POL News
The mission center is always a busy place. Please read further about some of our current activities. Click on the headline to read the story.

A Church in the Village

A Building for All Reasons

Searching for Water

Goats, Pigs, and Chickens

POL Launches Transportation Campaign



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