Our Mission Field

Woman holding toddlerThe people of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe live in villages just as they have for generations. They struggle against drought, food shortages, and a lack of economic opportunities. Spiritually, most of them see God as an uninvolved being and do not have a personal relationship with him. Some embrace a mix of Christianity and ancestral worship.

Within this Jengwe village, people live in small groups of huts scattered throughout the area. Families often group together and try to get a subsistence living off their land. There is no electricity in the village except for a few places along the road. And that electricity is sporadic. The water needs of the village are met by just four wells. Most of the villagers must walk several kilometers to access water and then carry it back to their households. Cooking has traditionally been done over open fires which require gathering and carrying firewood. Wood is getting scarce in the area.

Though the weather is warm throughout the year, it is divided into wet and dry seasons. The last few years have seen a drought with lower than needed rainfall in the wet season. This has created a scarcity of food for the villagers. And with no jobs available in the area, there is little chance of earning extra to provide for their needs.

These are the people to whom we are called to bring the message of Christ, but for them to hear and believe, we must—as Christ did—help them meet their daily physical needs.

Pillar of Legacy works alongside the people, teaching Christian values, appropriate agricultural techniques, artisan skills and business methods and principles that will help them provide for their families. We encourage a village community to come together in giving care to those who cannot care for themselves. We are committed to leaving a legacy of Jesus’ love as we share the heart changing Gospel with them.