MY CAREER IN REARING PIGS Written by Malvin Moyo

I started my project last year April 2022, with only 3 piglets, 2 females, 1male. So far so good there are no challenges l have faced concerning their health, though the most challenge which I have faced is that this year there was no rain due to my plan that I was going to make my own food through ploughing in the field for my pigs. Though it’s tough, but through passion and the heart of willing to rear pigs, l make plans of buying buckets of maize or sorghum which cost $6/7 with the little l get from my hustling. As mentioned l started with three piglets and now I sold three on the other side to help me with the feeding of others. So far maybe I can say by September or October maybe I will be expecting more piglets because it’s sounds like my two female pigs are pregnant. Finally what I can say to other youths is that dedication, willing heart, patience, commitment, hard work, mentally active, planning how and when to do something are the main things which you must have before thinking of doing a project. When you are in such a project accept to take risks such as to be financially balanced because these animals need food to grow. The flood did a very mysterious thing to my project just because it killed all my piglets and the only one survivor later died to sickness.

My heart was torn apart. That’s where I thought of selling the male one to buy food for the other pigs and with change l managed to replace only two piglets. Through passion l continued and told myself that with God all is well. Moving from my grandfather’s place affected me because I had to look and borrow money to transport my project from Jengwe to Chisuma. Making another pan for the pigs was another money again. The time l moved l had only one piglet from the flood survivor which later died a few weeks of stay in Chisuma, and that’s when the two females which where pregnant gave birth.. From those piglets that’s when I thought of selling 3 to balance me to pay the registration fee for my young brother, because no one else is going to take that responsibility because my father is no more. So now am the head of the family. They all depend on me counting from my mother, my two young brothers and my young sister. My father’s death left me to take over all the hard paths in my earlyhood stage nevertheless we are saving a loving God who gives us strength.