March 2022 Update
God’s perspective has always been to preserve lives.

You may remember Gogo who suffered a severe stroke leaving half of her body paralyzed. Afterward, she was sent home by doctors to live out her numbered days. Pillar of Legacy provided her with a wheelchair and chickens. With a sense of purpose she tended her chicks and started doing her own physical therapy. Others began to notice. Her family members who had given up hope saw change and they purchased a walker promoting more mobility. All the ladies that received chickens have been encouraged by a sense of purpose and are enjoying their dignity through the sense of usefulness.

Recently Pillar of Legacy expanded its reach to the neighboring village, adding nine widows to the growing need . Among the nine, one was very sick with no one attending her. After her children and husband died, she went to her only surviving brother but soon returned with nothing and no one to tend to her. We had started caring for her, but this last week Susan went to be with the lord. This is one story among many. Women are often overlooked and treated as undeserving, or left alone to die. As we speak hope and preserve lives, we also engage, equip, and inspire communities as a whole to take care of their elderly folks. Please pray for all our Gogos and orphans we serve.

Well drilling and Solar update:
Two 500 liter tanks are already in the village waiting to be mounted on a stand. Solar panels and inverter are there as well. A few weeks ago we sent batteries from the USA since we couldn’t find what we wanted in Zimbabwe.


Launching sustainable projects
Sewing Project: We also sent sewing machines to Zimbabwe, in May we will be starting sewing classes for some of the ladies.

Hatchery: We also send a small incubator to start our hatching process.

Prayer Points:

We are praying for appropriate investors and mentors to develop sustainable business concept to support the work and ministry. If you know anyone interested and available, please connect them with us.

⁃ Amber and the girls have been sick please keep them in your prayers.
⁃ Daniel is planning a trip to Zimbabwe this Summer.  Would you pray and give towards the trip?
⁃ Pastor Mushonga has been having issues with his heart. Additionally, the trek through sand to do visitations is a struggle.
⁃ Charles is busy building another chicken coop, repairing the fence, and managing the Mill.
⁃ Both Mushonga and Charles have been renting bicycles to visit widows. Mushonga’s