Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Pillar of Legacy is compelled by the love of Jesus Christ to engage with others as we fully commit our lives to God. We leave a legacy of his transforming love by reaching out to the communities we serve, drawing them into God’s love, and addressing, as Jesus did, their spiritual, physical and relational needs.

Our Vision

We envision a loving community which cares for its own and reaches out to others, a community of strong families who provide for and nurture their children, preparing them for a life of service and love in Christ.

Our Goals

We do all of this to accomplish the following goals:

1. The people will develop a personal relationship with Christ which will govern their lives. This relationship will affect their hope for the future and their understanding of life purpose. It will impove their view of self and their world. It will change the choices they make. It will change how they interact with each other. Achievement of this goal will be evidenced by a change in character which rejects the acts of sinful nature and embraces the fruit of the spirit as identified in Galatians 5:19-23.

Most people in Africa have been exposed to Christianity.  The continent has been a mission field for many decades. But to many, our God is a remote presence who does not have much relevance in their daily lives.  When troubles come, some may pray to God but they may also turn to ancestral worship and witchcraft to plea for assistance.  Through Bible study and through example we want to help them understand that God wants a personal relationship with each of us and that He is our only God.  

A Bible based church has been planted in the Jengwe district of the village. It is a vital part of achieving this goal.  It is also an important means of developing strong families and community.

2. The people will learn skills and knowledge they need to provide basic necessities such as clean water, sustainable food sources and healthful practices.

Most villagers use the same methods they have always used to grow a subsistence amount of grain for sustenance and to sell for a small income.  Climate changes and limited rain over the past several years are causing difficulties.  Hunting has historically been part of providing for the needs of their families but not the government prohibits it.  There is a need for new appropriate techniques to grow their food which can be adapted to make the best use of their resources. 

3. Villagers will form cooperatives with other villagers to develop small business opportunities and to support one another in times of need. They will learn business skills based on Christian principles.

With few opportunities for employment in the village, most families are unable to afford education, medical care, food to supplement their crops. They struggle to meet the needs of their families.  This sometimes necessitates someone in the family moving to a city to find work. This often results in the break up of the family.  We are working with individuals to help them use resources and talents to start small businesses which can provide needed funds.  Micro loans are provided to help them with startup costs.  We are also encouraging the formation of co-ops where groups can provide products and services which would be difficult to do as an individual. Some of these endeavors include raising hogs to sell to a major meat company, beginning a coffin-making business, raising goats to sell meat and milk products.

In all of these goals, Pillar of Legacy seeks to bring Christ-centered change to the people of Chisuma Village in a way that it is not only sustainable, but will grow as they learn to work together as Christians.